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3D TV Goes A Step Further

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 | Latest News | Leave a response

There was a time when 3D TV was an experience, kept for Disney World and adventures alike. We recently welcomed the technological advances of 3D TV to our cinema screens, with US blockbusters such as Avatar, A Christmas Carol and Alice in Wonderland. It’s seen as a novelty one can experience now and then, something a bit fun for the family to enjoy, so how do we feel now that 3D TV is working its way into our homes for use on a daily basis?

Just when we thought TVs couldn’t get any wider, or thinner, those technology buffs out there have designed a 3D TV for you to enjoy in your own home. Now this is no great revelation, as these have been on the market for a while now. But come on, do you really want to sit in your front room wearing 3D glasses? You order a pizza and forget you’re wearing them, to open the door to the delivery guy looking just a tad special? Didn’t think so. Well, those technology buffs I refer to, over at Toshiba to be specific, have designed a TV to over come this issue. And I’m sure there are other reasons too.

Toshiba have taken 3D TV one step further, and designed a screen that doesn’t require 3D glasses to see the image pop out. In my mind, I imagine this as having cartoon characters and animated furniture dotted around me, almost as if I’ve been thrown into Mary Poppin’s world. I don’t know why I think this, as I have seen many 3D films at the cinema and I know this doesn’t happen, but with it being in my own home I feel this should happen. Maybe one day.

Anyway! So Toshiba have designed a 3D TV that doesn’t require special glasses to experience this TV development. However, before you get too excited, the TV only comes in teeny tiny sizes, with a choice of 12



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