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We like to get to know you long before you need a hand with your recruitment. Understanding your creative approach, style and client base helps us to identify people who will slot right in.

And when you have a vacancy, Concept Personnel doesn’t play the numbers game so we won’t throw a big list of candidates at you in the hope that one of them sticks.

We’ve built our reputation on studying a brief, analysing our database and suggesting a handful of people who are a good fit. Our faith in the quality of people we put forward comes from taking the time to assess candidates properly. As well as evaluating their skills and experience we like to look them in the eye and get a feel for their attitude and personality too.

As well as permanent jobs, we handle freelance and temporary contracts for agencies and in-house departments who want a wide breadth of skills, but not a huge workforce. Our clients buy in niche, up to date skills when they need them through our pool of carefully selected freelancers.

When you urgently need extra help you’ll be pleased to know we act fast. We often take the brief, set up interviews and have the successful candidate in place the same day.

Anyway that’s enough about us, what about you? If you’d like to work with an honest, genuinely specialist recruitment agency for the creative and digital sector, give us a call.

Employer testimonials

I hate recruitment agencies. Like, really hate them. Whenever you advertise a job they're on the phone in droves with their skin-crawling sales patter, their costs seem totally disproportionate to the amount of work they put in, they haven't the first clue whether the candidates they send you can even do the work you need them to and most of the time you've seen most of their poxy CVs anyway. We vowed never to use them. Parasites.
...and then we found ourselves in trouble. Our Lead Website Developer left, we appointed a replacement who didn't really work out and couldn't get anyone good enough for love nor money. In stepped Jo at Concept and a couple of weeks later we'd screened CVs, interviewed and appointed. We've since used Jo to place a Designer, another Developer two Digital Marketing Managers and a role we weren't even looking to appoint but that we created in light of one of Jo's candidates being so bloody good.
I can't recommend Jo and her team at Concept highly enough; they've completely redefined my perception of recruitment consultants by listening, reacting quickly and constructively to our emerging needs and working diligently and swiftly to deliver a truly impressive raft of potential candidates (and one or two wrong-uns for good measure!). Most of all, though, I've found Jo a really useful sounding board to help me clarify my own thoughts, provide a wider industry context to our recruitment decisions and help negotiate one or two sticky situations. If you're in the Creative or Marketing sectors and are struggling with running your recruitment yourself, take my advice: phone Jo. 

Pete Daykin

Managing Director, Daykin & Storey

In a world where getting the right people, whether coders or content professionals is challenging, and we work with a number of recruiters to build a strong shortlist, Jo and Concept more often than not, find the talent we employ. I’ve worked with them over many years and roles and they have always demonstrated real sector knowledge and connections, plus they are pleasure to work with.

Aston Bowles

Head of Marketing, Advanced Co